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​How do I get a quote?


It is pretty easy! Head over to our "Get a Quote" page and send a requisition. We'll get in touch with you to set up an appointment. During the appointment, we will assess the floor and give an initial appraisal and a quick quote. We will then send you a quote via email. If you decide to hire our service, we will set up a date and give you further instructions to perform our craft properly and efficiently.


Do I need to do something before Giona's services?


To properly do our job, we need the full hardwood floor's surface accessible. We use machinery that requires space and access to every inch of the floor's surface. We urge you to remove every piece of furniture that could prevent us from doing our job. Given we are not a moving company, we are not trained or qualified to move furniture around, and we cannot take responsibility for anything that needs to be moved.

​Returns & Refunds


There are no refunds. We do have a policy of customer satisfaction. We will return and fix any imperfections related to our job. We will not fix anything related to moving furniture after our job is done. We will not fix anything that happened after the job was finished.

​How do you use my information? (Privacy Policy)


To send you a quote, we only need a name to refer to you by, a phone number, and your address. We will never use this information as a means of gains or sell it to thirds by no means. We will dispose of every piece of information regarding a quote requisition immediately after the quote has been delivered or when the job is finished.

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