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Our Services

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Refinishing consists on sanding a millimetric portion of the floor's surface. We do this in order to eliminate or remove products, colours/stain or, imperfections. Once we remove that thin layer, we are left with the floor as it was when installed. We then proceed to apply the finishing coat to protect and increase the floor's durability. Although we recommend water based products for enviromental reasons, we work with both water-based and oil-based products.
Staining is a technique where we use tinctures to alter or enhance the colour of the wood. This added step in the process happens after sanding the floor and before coating it.
This is a purely aesthetics decision and it is up to our clients to decide. For this purpose, we present an array of possibilities on a small portion of the floor before applying the stain. This helps our clients decide what colour works best for them with a little added context.
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Some of our projects are complete overhauls while others require fixing seriously damaged hardwood boards. These cases call for new hardwood flooring installation. We have worked with every commercial type of hardwood floor (and some special cases that we love to brag about on our social media accounts!). 
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